Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Long and Short of it All

There's no other dog like a dachshund,
Walking so close to the ground,
They're stubborn and sly as a fox and
The happiest pet to be found.

Most kinds of dogs seem to either
Have shapes or proportions all wrong;
They're only one way or the other,
But dachshunds are both short and long.

Dachsie, meine dachsie,
The best canine under the sun,
Call you "wiener" or "sausage" or "hotdog,"
We know that you're number one.

It's true, I experienced my very first Dachshund Spring Fiesta in Washington Square Park last month. I've never in my life seen so many dachshunds in one place-talk about hilarious! Hundreds of dachs were wondering around the park in sweaters, t-shirts, hats, costumes, and booties. Even the proud parents of the dogs were dressed accordingly for the event.

My top 5 favorite things about the fiesta:
  1. When, out of nowhere, and in the middle of it all, I saw the pug who didn't get the memo.
  2. Learning about wire-haired dachshunds. They're cute in an ugly sort of way.
  3. Taking photos of the dogs was a gorgeous day, too!
  4. Finding the ONE dachshund that ALMOST reminded me of Chipper.
  5. Watching an elderly woman interact with the dogs...sweet moment indeed. It was as if she'd attended the event for years.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Spring at Galison

While the weather in New York is just beginning to feel more like Spring, I thought it would be an appropriate time to share my favorite designs from Galison's new Spring '09 line of stationery and gift products. We have two new patterns this season: the sunny Dandelion and the chic Retro Tulip. We also have two new mini collections of stationery utilizing the artwork of British textile designer, Maxine Sutton, and New York illustrator, Mike Lowery. Some of my favorite gifts, however, come from our Andy Warhol Collection. All of our Andy Warhol (1928-1987) products were produced under a license from The Andy Warhol Foundation, which we obtained two years ago. Our initial launch of his 1950s butterflies, cats, and desserts was so successful that we decided to move forward with a second, edgier Pop collection.

Though the Galison Spring '09 line may seem new to you, I'm in the midst of working on our Spring '10 line. We just completed our Fall '09 line, so be on the lookout for some fresh, new designs coming out in August. Also, if you're in New York in May, we'd love to have you visit our booth at the National Stationery Show from May 15-18.

Retro Tulip Everyday Journal

Retro Tulip Social Notes
Dandelion Weekly Organizer

Andy Warhol Pop Collection

Maxine Sutton Little Keep It Box

Maxine Sutton Mini Journal

Bird Perch Keep It Box
To view the entire Galison Spring 2009 collection, visit our website here.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I came across this lovely website this morning that reminded me of conversation I had with my mom when I was about 9 or 10. I very passionately explained to her that "packaging was EVERYTHING" as I debated over which shampoo to purchase...I guess I was destined to be a designer.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Experiencing Planet Earth on the Lower East Side

There is something in animals beside the power of motion. They are not machines: they feel. E.B. De Condillac: Traite des animaux, I, 1755

When Jo last visited me in New York, we went to the most breathtaking performance at a bar called Pianos on the Lower East Side. A man passionately played the keyboard and tuba in front of a showing of Discovery Channel's Planet Earth. The way he played the instruments was completely reflective of the imagery screening behind him. A stampede of wild elephants meant that the music became dramatic and energetic, yet when rays of sunshine appeared, the music was serene and subdued. Although I was sitting in the middle of a grungy Lower East Side bar, I was taken to a place of serenity, far away from the hustle and bustle of the City.

The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof.
Psalms XXIV, 1, c. 150 B.C.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Building a Better Bronx

Pro bono work is fulfilling because you can:
  1. Create positive change
  2. Grow your skills and
  3. Meet other people in your industry
I'm an active volunteer for the Taproot Foundation, an organization that assists local non-profits with projects such as strategic planning, websites, logos, annual reports, etc. They look for nonprofits working in strategic areas such as the arts, education, social services, environment, and health.

I'm in the midst of completing my first Taproot/pro bono project in New York. I was placed on a team of highly skilled professionals to work on a brochure for a non-profit in the Bronx called SoBRO (South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corporation). In a nutshell, SoBRO improves the quality of life in the South Bronx by generating business growth and creating effective economic, housing, educational and career programs for youth and adults.

As a team, we spent a lot of prep time talking to SoBRO and outlining a solid plan of action for the project. They wanted a brochure that described each of their four vital program areas: Youth and Adult Education, Career Development, Housing and Real Estate Development, and Community and Economic Renewal. The brochure was to be distributed to possible funders, as well as residents in the Bronx who would benefit from SoBRO's services.

As possible funders were our primary targeted audience, we did some research about how to best reach them in a compelling, yet convincing way. I learned in this article that our brochure copy needed to appeal to the heart, not the head. Sponsors are more likely to give money to an organization when they are presented with stories about personal experiences as opposed to facts and figures. Bottom line: feelings drive donations.

After a lot of thought, my team and I came up with words that we felt best described SoBRO's program areas: LEARN, WORK, LIVE, THRIVE, and PROSPER. The concept behind the brochure design was based upon SoBRO's motto, Building a Better Bronx, and it was designed in a way that highlighted the words describing the program areas. For the cover, our team photographer took head shots of a variety of South Bronx residents who've been positively impacted by SoBRO's services. A printer in the Bronx will produce the 2,500 brochures in the next two weeks.

My hope is that this brochure successfully reaches funders, who in turn contribute to the work of rebuilding the South Bronx community.

For more information about SoBRO, visit To become a volunteer for the Taproot Foundation, visit

Friday, February 27, 2009


I need some inspiration. I am in the middle of some type studies for a project that relates to the American Revolution.

I am looking for a great serif with curvy spines, round bowls, cute ears, and nice ligatures. A high contrast in weight widths is desirable. I will not disclose those fonts which I am avoiding (I'd hate to influence any of your suggestions and am open to reconsideration).


Thursday, February 26, 2009


When uploading images to my computer from my iPhone, I noticed these photos:

Creepy! How did it take pictures of itself?!?!
This is actually a good representation of my everyday...
I snooze every morning for about an hour, then I check my email, then I listen to some good music, then I decide whether or not to answer the phone call from my dear serif :) I love the little picture at the top. So perfect!!